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Written translations

We provide translation services in all language combinations between European and non-European languages. Our work is outsourced only to professional translators, proofreaders and native speakers we have checked to ensure the right quality.


REGULAR NON-CERTIFIED) TRANSLATIONS - the most popular written translation service. Performed by proven translators who specialise in the respective field.

CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS – translations of official documents, including court documentation, and certification of foreign language copies of such documents, as well as certification (by sworn translators) of translations made by other people. Every sworn translator uses a special seal to certify translations and copies of documents. Customers obtain certified translations and documents only in hard copy.

TRANSLATIONS INTENDED FOR PUBLICATION – the service includes translation and proofreading (style and grammar check), and if the text is translated into a foreign language, the translation is reviewed by a native speaker of that language.

REVIEW – an extra service that involves a thorough comparison of the translation with its source to see whether the former is correct. The purpose of this review is to assess translation quality.


  • We deliver the translated documents in the same form as the originals or in another form, according to the ordering party's wish.
  • The deadline is calculated from order acceptance, taking into account working days, from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. On special demand, we also deliver translations after 4 p.m. and during weekends.
  • We charge per standard page, i.e. 1500 characters with spaces. In the case of certified translations, a standard page corresponds to 1125 characters with spaces.
  • We deliver our translations by e-mail, post or courier service.
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