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Our range includes professional linguistic and technical services adapted to every individual meeting:

Simultaneous interpreting – the translators sit in a soundproof booth from which they can usually see the speakers. Their is no direct contact between the interpreter and the speaker. Headphones enable the interpreter to listen to the speech delivered in the source language and simultaneously translate it into the target language, so that the conference participants can hear the same speech using their headphones virtually in real time.

The minimum unit we charge for in the case of simultaneous interpreting is a 4-hour block, counted from the hour the translation should start according to the order. Our interpreters arrive at least half an hour before the conference starts. We do not charge for this time.

Whispered interpreting – also referred to as chuchotage, this translation is performed without specialist equipment. The interpreter sits or stands next to a small target group and translates what the speaker says simultaneously, in a quiet voice. Whispered interpreting is frequently used when a limited number of people (ideally no more than three) do not understand the language spoken by most of the other participants.

The minimum unit we charge for in the case of whispered interpreting is a 4-hour block.

Consecutive interpreting – the interpreter only starts translating once the speaker has finished the speech or a certain part of it. The interpreter usually stands beside the speaker and takes notes. Once the speaker has finished or paused, the interpreter renders the speech or its respective segment in the target language in such a way as if he or she were delivering it. What consecutive interpreting involves, therefore, is selection of the most significant information to transmit the essence of the message (as the term "interpretation" suggests, as opposed to "translation"). It is assumed that the message delivered by a consecutive interpreter is always shorter than the original message in the source language.

Linguistic services for trade fairs – we offer translation and hostesses that speak the relevant language fluently and take care of the fair stand.


  • Each hour of interpreting that has started is treated as a full hour.
  • The 9th and 10th hour of work during the same day are charged 50% extra;
  • The 11th and 12th hour of work during the same day are charged 100% extra.
  • In the case of interpreting jobs outside Katowice, we charge extra on account of travel, as well as potential board and lodging expenses.
  • The final price of our interpreting services is determined according to the specification provided by the customer.
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